Factory Approval

Wal-Mart Green Rating:

full passing certificates with every retailer and local law observing company.


CT-PAT & Gold Wrap

Environmentally Friendly:

National Environmental Certificate: compliance with local law and meeting international environmental requirements

Environmental Friendly Material and Equipment: PH free & lead free ink, with the implementation of a water recycling system.

Contribution To Society

Since 2009, Impression Apparel has sponsored  annually over 30 students, who have maintained excellence and displayed leadership at Don Bosco University, located in San Salvador.


 World Vision Women’s Economic Empowerment

Sponsored by Walmart & Worldvision, the Women’s Economic Empowerment has been ongoing program  since 2013 by all of our 1200 employees.  We initiated this program to motivate our employees to understand their human rights, roles in society and to understand their self-worth and boost self-esteem.

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