Screen Printing


Quality Control

Preventive Q/C system with dye house: Together with our dye house, Swisstex, we established a preventive Q/C system to check quality issues such as fabric weight, shrinkage, color fastness, pilling and PH before dye. In-House Inspection: 20% of each dye lot is inspected in-house for all issues. Zero Shrinkage Issues: Every roll undergoes a 12hr relaxing process before cutting. Cutting Capacity: Up to 65,000pcs per day. Bundling barcode system: Barcode system allows us ability to track each garment from begin to end. CAFTA Certified Yarn Supplier:

Motivating Incentive System:

Measuring every individual performance and compensating based on individual and team performance.


Efficient Module Layout:

Minimizing the product moving distance and increasing individual responsibility  improves teamwork and performance.


Multi-function Workers:

Training each worker  to become multi-functional to maximize production balance and utility.


Preventive Maintenance:

All machines, functional and non-functional, our given periodical maintenance to reducing dead time and unexpected machine related issues.


Sewing Capacity:

650 sewing machines, up to 65,000pcs per day.

Sampling within 2 days:

Samples completed within 2 days upon receipt of request.


95% approval rate with 1st sample:

Making correct sample to get approval with 1st submit.


Production Friendly Sample Development:

Making samples production friendly at the sample development stage.


Minimizing Dead time:

Utilizing a separate team whose main responsibility is setting up each printing machine for each production team.


Printing Capacity:

10 automatic printing machines, up to 65,000pcs per day.





Up to 65,000pcs per day


Individual Responsibility:

Each employee is responsible for entire packing process for each garment.

This allows us to measure performance, minimize mistakes, increase productivity and space efficiency.


Needle and Metal Detection:

100% of garments pass through needle and metal detection machine.



Independent QC Team: Separate QC division that monitors each department’s damages and pinpoints weaknesses. This is to mimic a 3rd party audit so each department is given more responsibility for their quality. Report and Execute System: Creating reports to provide feedback to managers in order to improve their processes. High Quality Standard: Using data based on each style to helps make the product quality to the highest standard.

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